What Should You Know About Chin Surgery Or Mentoplasty

Mentoplasty ensures that the chin remains in a more physiological and harmonic position. Several other names are known as mentoplasty. Some of them are Chin surgery, cervical contour surgery, genioplasty, and basilar chin osteotomy.

It is a surgical technique that includes the jaw, neck, and lower third of the face to treat the chin. It is even one of the components of orthognathic surgery. In addition to aesthetic discomfort, many patients face difficulties chewing and even breathing due to chin positioning. Therefore, chin surgery aims to ensure that the chin remains in a more physiological and harmonic position.

To provide a better appearance, facial harmony, and better quality of life for the patient.

In which cases, mentoplasty is indicated

Mentoplasty is indicated to correct the most different asymmetries and deformities in the chin region, whether functional or aesthetic. They are generally divided into prominent (macrogenia), deficient (microgenia), and asymmetric. This is to distinguish the type and extent of the change. The most common is that the procedure is adopted to increase the size and volume of the chin, including ensuring better facial aesthetics.

Especially in people who have passed the bone growth phase, the chin is still retracted and in disharmony with the rest of the face. But there are also cases in which this feature is adopted to reduce the size and volume of the chin when it is exaggeratedly projected, which ends up making it a little more complex. Mentoplasty can also contribute to the practical improvement of the mandibular-cervical contour and sleep apnea treatment. In addition to causing improvements in breathing, especially when there is bone advancement, which provides an expansion of the air passageway.

Which Professional To Look For

When we refer to the procedure as surgical intervention, many people automatically imagine that only the plastic surgeon can perform it. However, in the case of chin surgery silicone long legs (เสริม คาง แบบ ขา ยาว which is the term in Thai) , a professional dentist specializing in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Traumatology is also qualified to do so. The great advantage of performing chin surgery with a specialist dentist is that the need to insert a silicone or methacrylate prosthesis is dispensed with. This is because this professional repositions the patient’s tissues, preventing complications and guaranteeing an even more natural result.