3 Reasons You Need Phone Screen Magnifiers

It’s a common sight to see people squinting, leaning in, and craning their necks to read something on their smartphones. Even the largest smartphone screen is still far smaller than the average person’s field of vision, leaving those with visual impairments struggling to see what’s on their phone. This makes it harder for them to read anything that appears on the screen without straining their eyes.

Fortunately, several types of phone screen magnifiers can help users with low vision use their smartphones more easily and conveniently. Here are 3 reasons you need a phone screen magnifier:

It Reduces The Need For Zooming

Zooming allows you to enlarge the content on your phone’s screen. However, zooming in on every small detail is a great way to damage your eyes and strain your eyesight. If you have low vision, zooming in on your phone may be necessary from time to time.

However, magnifiers can reduce the need for zooming by enlarging the entire screen, making it easier to see everything. In addition, magnifiers can easily be turned on or off, while zooming is a feature that must be accessed every time you use your phone.

It’s Easier To Read In General


Phone magnifiers are typically attached to the back of your device, allowing you to rest the phone in any position and read it comfortably. This makes it easier to read any text on the screen, whether it’s an article, email, message, or social media post.

Magnifiers cast a light onto the screen, illuminating the words and making them easier to read in general. This means that the magnifier can be used to read long-form articles, short social media posts, and everything in between.

In addition, a magnifier can be used to read printed materials that are smaller than the average person’s eyesight. This can be useful for reading restaurant menus, instructions, or signs. You can also use the light provided by a magnifier to read in low light settings or while reading in bed at night.

It Can Be Used With Other Accessibility Features

Many magnifiers have other accessibility features built in, making them multi-purpose devices. For example, some magnifiers have an easy-to-use touchscreen keyboard that can be used for both texting and web browsing. This makes it much easier for people with arthritis or hand tremors to type out words on their phones.

Some phone screen magnifiers come with visual features that help users with low vision navigate their phones. A phone with this feature can also be set up to read out loud incoming text messages. With a magnifier and screen reader, you can easily read out loud any articles you find online.


Phone magnifiers make it easier for people with low vision to read their phones. Magnifiers are designed to provide a larger screen that’s easier to see, as well as an attached light that makes the words easier to read.

Phone magnifiers also use other accessibility features, like built-in screen readers and easy-to-use touch screen keyboards, to make it easier for people with visual impairments to navigate their phones. If you have low vision, a phone magnifier can make it easier to read your phone and use your apps.