How Beauty Is Viewed With The Eyes Of Various Cultures

Regrettably, in the usa, a lot of us be taken in by an ethnocentric look at beauty. We, as individuals, form just one look at beauty in line with the norms we are given by society. Lots of people think they need to look one of the ways or put on one factor to ensure that these to be labeled beautiful.

That’s simply not true.

You will find numerous types of beauty nowadays. It’s correct once they say, “Beauty is incorporated in the eye from the beholder.” Any man or lady will think their partner is easily the most beautiful person on the planet, and with respect to the culture you had been elevated in, the grade of that beauty will differ.


Certainly one of my personal favorite classes attending college was Cultural Anthropology since it expanded my thought process and compelled me to know other’s lifestyle and culture.

During one lecture, I’d a lesson around the standards of beauty that different cultures possess. This lesson opened up my eyes as to the beauty means around the globe.

A Couple of MENTIONS

Take Asian culture for example. A lot of women in Parts of asia make an effort to have pale skin. That’s their standard for beauty. Men love ladies who possess perfect, pale skin for the reason that culture.

Another extreme example that shocks many Americans? Lip stretching in areas of Africa and South Usa.

I’ll admit, the practice accustomed to shock me just before my class. I simply could not know how people could view this as beautiful. I believed it was painful and unfair for a lot of ladies who undergo this practice.


I checked out our very own culture inside a different light. Exactly what do we, as Americans, consider beautiful? It varies, but typically, we thrive to own the right tanned skin, Also known as extreme tanning.

How can we start experienceing this perfect sunkissed tan? We mind to specialized tanning salons and hop in the tanning bed which heats our physiques.

All in the beauty.

To some foreigner, this practice could be considered strange and weird, much like we consider lip stretching uncanny or think it is unusual that lots of Parts of asia flee in the sun like vampires to be able to maintain their pale skin.

Nonetheless, you will find numerous types of beauty around the globe. Different cultures have different standards of beauty. Though certain standards may appear odd initially, it just takes a balanced view and heart to know each other.