Listing of Filipino Unusual Food

Much like elsewhere, Filipino features its own listing of unusual food. Food which are common in our midst Filipino however for some discover the food unusual or exotic. Here’s my list for many Filipino exotic food.

Balot: Balot isn’t just a well known food within the Philippines, as Filipino eats Balot for any very lengthy time. Balot is really a hard steamed fertilized duck egg eaten in the covering. For many, Balot is really unusual because it was featured in popular Television show among the most unusual food on the planet. Balot is really famous the Philippines due to the believe because of its aphrodisiac effect as well as for being full of protein. These days, balot is generally sell on the street fried wrap with batter referred to as Balot Tokneneng. It’s also eaten in other Asian nation for example in Vietnam, China has additionally an identical preparation referred to as Maodan.

Bayawak : Bayawak (number of large lizard) is yet another unusual meat consume by Filipino, before you can always find Bayawak in certain Restaurant in Manila specialized with exotic food but these days you can rarely seen some as the amount of Bayawak began to say no.

Dagang Bukid (Grain field rat): For many, rat may well be a pest on their own grain field farm, however for some player it turns to become a popular appetizer during consuming session. They often prepare grain field rat as dry adobo and I have heard it taste just like a chicken.

Frog (Grain field Frog): For many people, eating frog may be look so unusual however i heard that many people fom other nation also eat Frog in their culinary cuisine. There are several number of frog which are poisonous ,so be cautious when selecting one. Frog is generally prepare the way in which chicken prepare within the Philippines because they have a similar taste, personally frog is among my personal favorite food.

Kinilaw or Kilawin : Kinilaw is a well-liked fish recipe within the Philippines, it’s a fresh and raw fish marinated using vinegar, onion, ginger root, salt, and chili. For many it may be look so unusual eating raw fish but there’s also other county eat raw fish just like we all do.

Dog Meat: These days, lots of Filipino still eat dog meat as a day-to-day recipe or only for pulutan. Eating dog meat isn’t permitted within our country which is punishable legally however, many of my hard headed countrymen still discover a way taking dog like a food. I believe, authority should implement a harder penalty for violator.

It’s really a partial listing of some Filipino unusual food, a number of this food are the most popular especially balot and frog meat. For many it may be a unique type of food however for us, a number of this food belongs to culture and tradition.