Reasons and benefits of Knee Arthroplasty

With age, the cartilage between the knee joints tends to get damaged due to wear and tear. The primary function of the cartilage is to act as a shock absorber and help reduce the rubbing of bones leading to friction. Inefficient cartilage being unable to provide the cushion results in stiffness and pain in the knees. This condition refers to osteoarthritis, which may sometimes cause immobility and the formation of bone spurs. Though people over the age of forty-five are more prone to this condition, young people can also suffer. Arthroplasty is a type of surgery effective in the treatment of severe osteoarthritis in the knees.

Reasons for knee arthroplasty

People over the age of fifty-five or those suffering from severe osteoarthritis can go through arthroplasty that replaces knee joints with artificial metal or plastic materials. The surgery may take place on one side or the entire knee. Osteoarthritis can cause severe pain in the knees even if you are resting, resulting in inflammation and stiffness in your daily activities. The x-ray reports or imaging showing degenerated or deformed knee joints can be a reason to carry out knee arthroplasty [ข้อ เข่า เทียม]. Any patient suffering from these conditions can opt for the surgery after proper consultation with the orthopedic surgeon.

Key benefits of knee arthroplasty

The primary benefit of arthroplasty is to get relief from pain and gain mobility. It helps carry out daily activities like walking, running, and standing without any sensation of knee pain. Severe or even moderate knee pain can prevent you from walking short distances and harm your professional life. A physically inactive lifestyle can result in the gain of weight and cause ailments. Arthroplasty can fix this condition by enabling you to walk and climb freely with the help of prosthesis implants. There will be no requirement of taking support of a walker or cane, which will enhance the confidence and positivity in your life.