As a weed smoker, you are always after high-quality pleasant weed that smells good and gives you the desired high in no time. However, everyone will agree that Reggie weed is the terrible weed they have ever encountered. Unlike other strains, Reggie weed doesn’t keep you coming back for more. It is a low-grade C strain with Sativa dominant genetics. With THC levels of around 15-18%, it has mild effects and is typically considered the newbie’s strain.

How did it emerge?

Given the little affection that goes into the cultivation of Reggie weed, you will not find it in any top recreational dispensary because it is of poor quality. Often, it results when growers give little attention to their cannabis plants and leave it to grow by themselves. Another thing about the cultivation process is that the female plants are fertilized, producing more seeds than leaves. Therefore the plant uses more of its energy on the seeds than the leaves resulting in poor strain quality.

Its appearance

Reggie buds feature an unusual dark green or brown color that lacks the appealing crystallization of the best cannabis flower in Niwot. Unlike high-grade buds dense with trichomes, Reggie weed is dotted with seeds, so you can expect a very mild high. On the other hand, high-quality buds have an appealing bright green color unless they are the genetically modified strains, some of which feature blue and purple hues.

Its smell

The smell is always a factor that comes to play when determining the best weed strain for you. Although not all strains have a great smell, others make up for that in either the taste or effect. But that is not the case for Reggie weed. Reggie weed has a mild skunky or dry hay-like smell, so nothing is alluring about it.

Its taste

Many people describe Reggie weed as bland with hints of grass or herb and not a memorable taste. It has a bitter taste with an awful smell, which is a disappointment considering the excellent variety of flavors in high-quality strains. When you open a bag of high-grade weed, it has a strong, flavorful smell enough to fill the room. That is why you should avoid Reggie weed and check out Colorado licensed dispensaries for good quality strains.

Its texture

The high-quality weed that you find in the top Marijuana dispensaries has a beautifully sticky texture. But Reggie weed has a dry texture and is dusty to the touch. It almost feels like grass clippings. Moreover, its leaves flake from the nugget leaving a disappointing airy of weed. High-quality cannabis buds feature a sticky texture that leaves resin on your fingers, unlike the very limp appearance of Reggie weed.

Its effect

Reggie weed has a relatively quick but mild high. It has low THC, so it doesn’t produce the desired high for many experienced users. Furthermore, it is likely to cause a lot of coughing when smoking and a dry mouth because it is particularly dry.


Although not preferable for avid weed smokers, Reggie weed can be suitable for newbies beginning their journey in the world of cannabis.